This blog is the personal blog of Kilroy.  It was constructed as a medium to allow for an unfettered expression of ideas.  The subjects of writing on this blog are somewhat limited, and largely unrelated.  Principally, they are Philosophy, Politics, and Video Games.  Other subjects may arise as well.

Kilroy is an unemployed, transsexual anarchist, formerly a writer for the Infinity Injun no Chousenjou, and a competitive Pump it Up player.  She has won three tournaments, including the G2K1 Pump tournament in Virginia, and she took third at Pump Pro nationals in 2008.

3 Responses to “About”

  1. Thank your for your response on my blog. Also, this a pretty cool you’ve made and I’ll follow it.

  2. I am interested in your response to my friend’s refutation of your claims in my Communist blog entry. Thanks.

  3. (My comment got auto-discarded on your Greyhound post. Trying here…)


    I have been reading about mostly negative Greyhound experiences, though there were some positive ones as well. I

    have seen a pattern here – the most frustrated are generally those who opted for Greyhound for ‘serious’ purposes.

    I would be traveling across the United states for more than a month soon, and will be coming from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    I cannot drive a car – and the other ‘road’ options do not seem really hot. I really don’t want to fly; I mean, I am

    there to SEE the USA… 🙂

    The Discovery Pass offered by Greyhound seem to me to be a very good option for someone like me. But reading these

    posts… I don’t know, I really have to make up my mind. I guess I will get what I pay for…

    I hope that was a rare event. I intend to carry only ONE bag… but if stealings are very frequent, I will have to

    tow it around everywhere. I don’t know if you can even do that with Greyhound.

    Thanks for your post!

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