Important Update

It appears that I have secured employment.  If true, then I do not know how much attention this blog will receive in the coming days.  At any rate, this is essentially the happiest I have ever been, which is strange, because I can think of little to say about my happiness, whereas sadness has always been easy to describe.

Today as well I began the crucial first step of seeing an endocrinologist, who will administer to the larger half of the defects which I have spent 21 years of my life attempting to deny.  I have a future again.  I can stop lavishing such unwarranted attention on the past and present.


~ by Kilroy del Dancefighter Estallion the First on January 27, 2010.

2 Responses to “Important Update”

  1. So update, I didn’t actually get the job. Oh well, huh? Maybe I’ll just take out a loan and go back to school.

  2. That’s too bad. Cross my fingers for ya (in the “let’s hope” kind of way not the “I’m lying” way.)

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