Cave Story

I finally got around to playing this game, on the recommendation of virtually every gamer I have known.  There is very little that I can think to say about it.  The gameplay is superb.  It lends itself well to repeat playthroughs.  I also found myself enjoying the story, despite its trope heavy nature.  The execution of the second trope struck me as a cop-out of the largest sort, however, it’s such a small element of the game I feel no need to go after it.  Especially given the existence of better targets, many of which I have attacked in previous articles.

To me, the most noteworthy aspect of the game was the dialogue of the hermit gunsmith.  Upon returning the weapon you stole from him, he breaks down, stating that he is overjoyed that somebody could use his unfinished weapon as rigorously as the player has throughout the course of the game.  Even though he was given nothing in exchange for his hard work, he considers the fact that his work was appreciated to be rewarding.  I hope I am not reading too much into this dialogue, but I see a parallel between the situation of the hermit gunsmith and Daisuke Amaya himself, who created the game and made it freely available.

I would just like to say thank you to Amaya-sama, who made an outstanding game. Perhaps soon I will attempt to clear it using only the polar star.

~ by Kilroy del Dancefighter Estallion the First on December 24, 2009.

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