My first novel: Amazing Bullshit Adventure

Disclaimer: this was written in less than one month.

Link to .pdf

This can be downloaded 10 times, which is significantly larger than the number of times I expect it to be downloaded.  If it ceases to become available and there is still interest, leave a comment and I will try to host it somewhere better.


  • Novel is point of view from a point of view I hate.  This means that I’ve gone to great efforts to make much of it agitating, offensive, and wrong
  • Novel is unedited, so there are almost certainly spelling and grammatical errors
  • Novel was written without an outline
  • Novel was written in less than one month

It is 129 pages long, and several of those pages are chapter headings and things of the like.  I do not know whether or not it is any good because I haven’t read it yet.  That is all.

~ by Kilroy del Dancefighter Estallion the First on November 30, 2009.

2 Responses to “My first novel: Amazing Bullshit Adventure”

  1. I would love to get a copy of this novel.

  2. Sent to your given email

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