Game On! first anniversary party: or how I learned to stop worring and love the PS3

About a year ago, I got dragged along with Mazo to a place that surprisingly wasn’t that far from my house, and to my double surprise was pretty darn cool.  Game On!, a LAN center and game store, is noteworthy for several reasons.  There is the fact that it is in close proximity to my house, which I touched upon several sentences ago, but it is also nice because of its atmosphere.  I’ve hung around a lot of game stores, most of them franchises.  Fewer LAN centers, but still a couple.  What they all tend to lack is congeniality.  Even on those occasions where the game store employees know and enjoy games, there tends to be an invisible wall between them and the customer.

In the year that I’ve known the owners and operators of Game On!, much has given me the impression that this place is different.  I learned about The Protomen from them, and about other musicians as well.  There have been nights where the store was kept open well past hours simply for the sake of the few people there, even though the duties of work loomed threateningly, lurking in the shadows of a fast approaching morning.  I had the comfort of finding another House fan, and of sharing dicussions about items of pop culture and videogame subculture, infused in each case with uncharacteristic candor and intelligence.

In addition to this, a general atmosphere permeates the activities here, to the great credit not only of Game On! but the regulars of this establishment as well.  This atmosphere is made possible by everyone.  Not just in the great efforts of personality, but in distinctly practical capacities.  After all, customers are what keeps a business alive.  Game on! is of course much more than just alive.  It is genuinely lively, unique, and worthy of existence, especially when seen as I have seen it; as a phenomenon that goes far beyond what is to be expected and one which does so under the impetus of an entire community.

So Game On! has been a special place for me.  They’ve put up with me even when I’ve a less than model customer.  It’s so rare that people put up with me at all that this can hardly be understated.  With the one year anniversary of Game On! so recently past, I’ve come to the realization that I haven’t been giving them what was really deserved.  This realization came after winning a raffle and a brand new PS3 Slim.  With this one stroke of luck, it instantly became true that I’ve taken more from these fine folks than I’ve ever given them, and it pains me to recognize this.

Of course, with this Ps3 I can resume work on my Bioshock article and indeed I have already done so.  To that extent a grave problem has been solved, but it is only a fraction of my troubles.  The reason I lost access to my first PS3 is the same reason I haven’t been in the position to do what I would like to do in my current circumstances.  I fell from my father’s grace over disagreements about my political views, among other enmities.  With that one event in my life I lost my ability to pursue higher education, and to pursue my hobbies as well.  I also lost my respect for a man despite his unmatched charity to me;  for he was unprincipled in the capacities which matter most.

That is not my present concern though.  This anniversary and the events surrounding it reminded me of a person I used to be, and I feel I am not doing justice to that past of mine.  So tonight I reaffirm my commitments.  I will accept the PS3 and I will use it to continue pursuing my analysis of games, vigorously and with unflinching honesty.  In those other aspects of my life which are currently wanting, I will redouble my efforts to remedy them.  Not just for my own sake, but for the sake of all those who deserve more than they are getting from me.  Those who manage to press forward in life with their own ferocious determination while still making room for people like me.  I want to remove that burden from them; I want to make room for myself, so that I am not simply dead weight.


~ by Kilroy del Dancefighter Estallion the First on November 23, 2009.

One Response to “Game On! first anniversary party: or how I learned to stop worring and love the PS3”

  1. Hmmm, quite a bit to mule over here in your recent updates. And I am veyr much looking forward to your continued analysis of BioShock.

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