Pump Pro 2: An Interview with a Developer

Today I had the pleasure of speaking to one of the fine folks responsible for Pump it Up Pro about the development of their new game, Pump it Up Pro 2: Pump Harder.  It was a lengthy conversation which revealed a lot of detail previously shrouded in secrecy.  Due to the nature of the interview I am protecting my source.  Hopefully I will be able to obtain future updates, at which time I will post them here.

(2:27:58 AM) Kilroy: Maybe I should make my avatar into a blinking .gif that says “I AM JOKING”
(2:28:16 AM) xxxxxx18: hahaha
(2:28:19 AM) xxxxxx18: yeah like
(2:28:34 AM) xxxxxx18: i can tell, but probably other people who haven’t met you can’t
(2:29:13 AM) Kilroy: I’m glad somebody didn’t just take it at face value, at least
(2:29:33 AM) xxxxxx18: heh
(2:29:55 AM) Kilroy: How goes illinois? Is it less terrible than Ohio?
(2:30:24 AM) xxxxxx18: i assume so, yeah
(2:30:38 AM) Kilroy: that is the state you’re in, right?
(2:30:51 AM) xxxxxx18: yeah
(2:31:34 AM) Kilroy: So on a scale of 1-10, how awesome is Pro2 going to be?
(2:32:02 AM) xxxxxx18: at this point, i can really only say undefined
(2:32:16 AM) xxxxxx18: but for the sake of hyping the game up i will say 9
(2:32:26 AM) xxxxxx18: not 10 because anything being 10 is just a lie
(2:32:47 AM) Kilroy: Awesome. I’m going to copy this conversation and post it to my blog, as JOURNALISM
(2:32:57 AM) Kilroy: don’t worry, I’ll leave your name out
(2:33:15 AM) xxxxxx18: lol
(2:33:34 AM) Kilroy: Well, talk to you later windeu


~ by Kilroy del Dancefighter Estallion the First on October 13, 2009.

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