Upcoming Articles: Metal Gear Solid series

Since my Bioshock article has encountered unfortunate delays, I feel the need to redirect my focus for the time being.  I have chosen the Metal Gear Solid series for my next run of articles.  I will play them in the order they were released.  The MGS4 article ought to appear shortly after the conclusion of the Bioshock article, since I will require a PS3 to review both.  Portable ops will be included.

My reasoning for selecting this particular series is enumerated in convenient bullet-point format below:

* Complex, meaningful narrative allows plenty of room for criticism

* Frequently held up as the prime example of games as art

* It will be fun to ruffle the feathers of one of the most entrenched fanbases of all time by providing detailed, reasonable criticism of the series (as oppossed to dull complaints about cutscene length and camera angles).

* Three new MGS games were announced recently, which makes now seem like a good time to write about the series.

There should be remarkably few delays involved.

~ by Kilroy del Dancefighter Estallion the First on June 17, 2009.

One Response to “Upcoming Articles: Metal Gear Solid series”

  1. Update: The principle delay now involved is a completion of a reading of Jean-Paul Sartre’s Being and Nothingness, which I intend to use to analyze the series for existential implications.

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