Mission Statement

Greetings all!  Recently there was a bit of a fallout between myself and Mazo of the Infinity Injun no Chousenjou.  I worked for the site as a small contributor, even writing a couple semi-popular articles.  The most celebrated was undoubtedly my Mother 3 review.  However, this chapter of my writing career is now over.  Mazo no longer wishes for me to write for him, for what can only be described as personal reasons.  But no hard feelings, I’ll take this opportunity to pursue my own direction, free of any disagreeable form of editorial control.

I have always had a unique angle when it comes to my writing, particularly with my games journalism.  While most people who take an academic interest in video games are concerned with them either as games, in the structural sense, or as narratives or stories, my principle concern is with games as arguments.  The meaning of a text is not a large concern to me unless it can be argued, weighted critically, and refuted.

This is not to say I can’t appreciate a story for its own merit, or a game for how it plays.  This is simply not my principle concern when evaluating any game that contains a story.  Admittedly, this sometimes leads to difficulties.  For instance, I ceased to view Mother 3  as allegory after completing roughly 90% of both the game and the review.  However, since such difficulties arise in pursuit of a goal I view as noble, I do not intend to give up this focus.

Outside of video games, my interests are somewhat narrow.  I enjoy Philosophy, debate, and truthfully little else.  I am a professional Pump it up player, to the extent I have made money competing in tournament and have the ability to place in them.  My greatest tournament placement was 3rd at Pump Pro nationals in 2008.  My politics can be described as those of a Rothbard style Anarcho-Capitalist.  My principle philosophical hero is Karl Popper, for his views on critical rationality.

If you choose to read this blog, you will find that I write about a small handful of very different subjects.  It is not focused in any specific sense.  However, when I do write at all my goal is to make it in depth and meaningful.  I have several articles in the works already, including a double review of both Bioshock and Atlas Shrugged.  If you find this type of blog worth watching, then I look forward to your readership and humbly endeavor to earn it.

Without further ado, I now declare this site active.


~ by Kilroy del Dancefighter Estallion the First on May 5, 2009.

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